Reset or Change your iPhone / iPod language to English.

So somehow your iPhone or iPod got it's language switched to something other than English, and now you are unable to read the settings selections to navigate back to the language selection page. Well, here are the necessary pages in English, so you can pick the correct selections and switch your iOS device back to something you can read, without restoring it from an iTunes backup.

settings app

The settings app icon is where to start, the name may change, but not the icon graphic.

general settings

Select the General Settings selection, it's text will change, but the settings app icon stays the same.

settings app

Scroll down the general settings page past the group with three items.

general settings

To the group with four items. International settings is item three in that group.

settings app

Select the first item, in the first group to go to the langauage selection page.

language selection

Select English, then the Done button, and wait for your iOS device to switch to English, and you are done.

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